5,6 july 2024


Welcome to our wedding site, where you can RSVP for our wedding weekend events and find any essential information needed for your journey to the islands of Venezia.


Friday, 5 July 2024
5:00pm Vineyard Tour & Tasting
7:30pm Dinner
Saturday, 6 July 2024
5:30pm Ceremony
6:30pm Apertif
7:30pm Dinner
10:00pm Party!



Most guests will be staying at Casa Burano which is owned and operated by our wedding venue Venissa.

Once you have confirmed your attendance at the wedding and desired nights of stay, we will connect you to the reservations manager at Casa Burano/Venissa so they can assist you in making your booking and answering any questions you have about the property.

Getting to Burano/Mazzorbo

There are no cars on the islands of Venice, and you will need to either take a boat or walk for all parts of your stay in the area. If you are coming directly to Burano/Mazzorbo from Venice’s Marco Polo airport, we would highly recommend booking a private transfer (water taxi) to Casa Burano/Venissa–the trip will be about 30 minutes. Your contact at Casa Burano/Venissa should be able to support you in coordinating this.

If you are traveling to Burano/Mazzorbo from the main island of Venice, you can work with your contact at either Casa Burano/Venissa or your prior accommodation to book a private transfer (the boat ride will be 20-30 minutes), or alternatively you could use the public water bus called the vaporetto. The public transportation is quite easy to use, but keep in mind it tends to be crowded with tourists. Depending on what part of the main island of Venice you are coming from, the ride on public transportation will be 30-60 minutes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions about getting around in Venice!


There is a wide array of things to do throughout the islands of Venice, but here are just a few we recommend.

There are many museums to check out (we found this article helpful on our first trip to Venice), and we are most excited about the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the pop-up exhibits that are housed in Fondazione Prada. We additionally recommend checking out some of the other islands surrounding Venice, such as San Michele (beautiful and quiet cemetery island), Lido (beaches), and Murano (glass blowing).

Venissa offers some unique experiences, and you can view those here.

If you know us, you also know we are constantly searching for the best bites every city has to offer…we loved dining at Local, where they took the polaroid of us here the night of our engagement! We also always reference the50 Best Discovery list to help us find delicious restaurants and bars in any city we visit, and you might enjoy doing that during your summer travels as well. Joining a food tour is also a fun thing to do in Venice to help you navigate its many cicchetti bars.

Let us know what more we can do to help you plan your best possible adventure in Italy!


We are excited to be spending time with you in Italy doing some of our favorite things together…eating and traveling…so we are not making a wedding registry or requesting any gifts. However, we have created a honeymoon fund for our continued adventures in Portugal after Venice.



PLEASE RSVP BY February 10th, 2024

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